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Byte Club News

By: Frøwnpower - January 9th

Deathwing is Dead!

Congrats to Group 2 for the Kill. Good Luck to Group 1 on Monday!

By: Tôuchmytotem - December 6th

4.3 IS HERE!

1 week down and we are 5/8 as a guild!!


By: Slowjamz - November 5th

4.3 is right around the corner..

And Byte Club is recruiting! We are in need of talented and dedicated raiders to fill out our rosters for Dragon Soul! Please drop off an application or message anyone in the guild in game to set up a trial run.

By: Slowjamz - September 23rd

Rag down! 7/7 cleared!


Yeah, we killed Rag! Months behind/NERFEDLOL .   Working on heroic progression now!!!!!

By: Frøwnpower - August 26th

Majordomo Down 6/7 Cleared!


DOMO dead within the first few real pulls. Grats to Shunto on the first 4-piece! Ragnaros up next!

By: Slowjamz - August 19th

Alysrazor down! 5/7 Cleared

On to Domo!

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